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A Sliver Of The Sun

by Michael Gabriel

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No Longer the King Same as it always was Shield upon shield Swords held high The smile lies Will we be able to brave Valleys of fear Fields of hurt Dry demons tears But I will stay Longer than I need Go down on my knees If it pleases the places I’ve run from Be free I do my best to find Glasses half full Float with sun rise Hold on in the night We’d be better off to find No shelter from the storm Be swept to a distant shore With nothing familiar And nothing left to control My horses run When high tide blocks the sun And the moon bathes light Into places I can no longer hide This won’t be Something of my past I can try I can make it last No longer the king crowned For setting all love free © Michael Gabriel 2013
A Sliver of the Sun You hold your hand out for me I answer yes Can we go for a ride Too see this place In ways where we carve roads Unroll fantasies with faith Good-bye yesterday I’m leaving you behind Whatever mess I’ve made Court of fate will decide I won’t run or hear Every doubt I made Down and afraid Whispered in my ear from me Nothing left to do But write it down Send it off to you If it brings you light Hope A sliver of the sun I’ve done what I’ve come here to do Sharing my eyes Through my heart filtered truth Waves come crashing I’ve been lasting stronger now From every fall I fell I’ll never leave a dream But I’m leaving What’s no longer me Behind © Michael Gabriel 2013
It's Not Like Me The early days I walked away Rolled up my sleeves Never behaved I was just a fool Time wore on My heart grew strong Or so I thought it did They were just walls Building high It’s not like me To say right now I don't know love And I don't know how To make it through When I'm on fire Every time I’ve tried before I’ve pushed away And I've closed the door On lovers and friends Dear to me I’ve been on planes A time or two  When I arrived It was always you Standing tall You'd shake my hand and say I’m the man inside of you Who takes those hearts Breaks them in two And I've known you now For a long time But you’re not mine This part inside my heart I'm working hard To let go of To let go of What no longer belongs Between us So here we are Today right now  And I don't know why And I don't know how You found me You found me Could it be The man inside Had a plan one day For him to decide Whose heart I could hold on to Open to © Michael Gabriel 2013
The Answer is Clear In the candlelight I see your face It burns I turn the page And face the place That brought me to me knees Broken on the floor In the morning light I see what lies ahead The dead I left behind is me I could be so much more What am I now When I feel like dying I will remember my name I’ll hang my head But answer the question Why so much good Always came to be here The answer is clear In the early night I feel the calm Of the road I’m on I’m not that strong I could always imagine The day after night falls Choices I’ve made Can come haunt me Women I’ve loved I never left as open From what fear took away I’m letting go now Of a life I’ll leave behind I will not sail upon your oceans If it means I cannot sail in mine © Michael Gabriel 2013
Costumes for Saints Push up to the edge and see down How far to the ground A final fall could make or break you Searching for strength to feed from Where you turn to could become Somewhere or leave you lost inside Walking with our wounds on fire We’ve all been the thief and the liar Longing so long to change You’re flying with the wind A freedom you have found within You may have traveled far or not at all Release your wings Take flight Fully span Enter the night Through a canvass black You’re cracking daylight in now Breaking things to heal for our sake When pushed to the edge The chance is to take We’re longing so long to change These horns for wings Beneath these costumes for saints We never tire of finding fault outside our own Scared of heights from our own throne A fear to fall And to be alone © Michael Gabriel 2013
Turn the Page I want to turn the last page of this book And walk away Repair the wrong In myself believe again How do you do When you are out there on your own Are these feelings left behind Pushed down Cast aside You were my everything And something’s I hope we can learn to hear ‘Cause it seems to me unfair To love to let go I did my best to share with you a And you shared to All the troubles in our minds But I know we’re going to make it through Now living our own lives I’m driving highways Playing shows And laying down Tracks to hear Mostly in a van on nights alone I never thought my life Would look like it looking now But I’m grateful For whatever had to be broken down Destiny Brought you to me One more time to see Just how we listened How we’d speak How we could never find A way to undivide the line On the nights we knew so well So well So long © Michael Gabriel 2013
Flying 03:30
Flying Whisper out a word If you can make it Open up my ears I can take it in Want to know What’s going on down below Try to understand I won’t claim to What you’re feeling now Here’s a hand You can rest here for a while Sometimes Waves are far too high Hills too steep to climb Find your way To a calm To bring you home Sometimes Waving to say good-bye Can feel like flying in the sky Hard to do But letting go It’s where we are Spread you wings to the stars Just a few more hours We have left Here we are Face to face Laughing out loud Arm and arm In a crazy place © Michael Gabriel 2013
Castle Walls 04:14
Castle Walls  Dream not of castles The prince will surely fall We can live outside castle walls Once upon a time I was unbothered by it all Now I know that no one walks on this land alone You don’t know why you’re leaving here You think it’s me but it’s what I see in you Why don’t you love Why don’t you feel Why don’t you let my heart heal you With these eyes We can cry those tears away I used to live in tomorrow Excited by what lies The lies ahead of me Half way through Or almost done Our time is not in stone Let’s live out life beside our lives Let’s live until we grow old We can answer to the call That’s coming to our life To find love our way Not what we have learned To find love our way Not what we have learned In the years when we knew We could rise above it all We can still be there here Why don’t we love Why don’t we feel Why don’t we lend our hearts To be healed To find love our way Not what we have learned To find love our way Not what we have learned © 2013 Michael Gabriel


This album was recorded in Burlington and Kitchener, ON with Rob DiGioia. I worked with Rob on my first demo CD when analog was not a choice! It might be an understatement to suggest that we know each other well - inside and outside of those studio walls! Thank-you Rob - for all of your hard work and incredible talent to capture a warm sound.

This collection of new material has seen many venues and time zones within the last years or so. These songs are the ones that made it to the stage time and time again. So - it is my pleasure to present eight new tracks that have found a way to join my other creations and be a part of my current repertoire.


released October 26, 2013

Michael Gabriel: Vocals & Classical Guitar
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Rob DiGioia
All songs written by Michael Gabriel
Recorded at Mountain Grove Studios & The Loft
Album Art by Gillian McLeod & Michael Gabriel
Copyright 2013 Michael Gabriel


all rights reserved



Michael Gabriel Denver, Colorado

Michael is a troubadour who has toured and recorded extensively in North America. His vocally driven songs tell an emotional story rooted in a pop foundation. "Akin to heartfelt songsmiths Jim Croce, James Taylor... Gabriel, possesses a sage, soothing voice that instantly engages listeners." Coral Andrews - The Record. This artist's heartfelt tunes carry a timeless sound. ... more

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