In This Together

by Michael Gabriel

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This is a solo album that was recorded on a 2007 national tour. Time was not a luxury. We recorded all the tracks in two days in Lethbridge, Alberta. It was a unique situation to record songs I was constantly performing on the road - in a short amount of time. We did it! I am very pleased with what came out of that studio. Songs from this album are still a part of my current set list. 'In This Together' has been one of my top selling albums.


released January 1, 2007


all rights reserved



Michael Gabriel Denver, Colorado

Michael is a troubadour who has toured and recorded extensively in North America. His vocally driven songs tell an emotional story rooted in a pop foundation. "Akin to heartfelt songsmiths Jim Croce, James Taylor... Gabriel, possesses a sage, soothing voice that instantly engages listeners." Coral Andrews - The Record. This artist's heartfelt tunes carry a timeless sound. ... more

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Track Name: A Place For You
You had it all and wore it well
You gave when you can
You lived through hell overseas
Please return
We’re missing you

The phone been ringing
I won’t pick it up
I haven’t heard from you
In over a month
Is this the call that’s been haunting me

Ever since you left
I’m awake watching the late night news
When they raise that flag half way
Will it be waving at me through you

I never wanted too much
I’ve always had enough
But the other side of me is you

I’ve never asked for too much
But I never missed you this much
Let that be your voice
At the end of the line

Things are getting worse
It doesn’t make sense
Why are you over their
Why do they call it defence
The surface has been scratched
For the world to see
Track Name: End of the Line
You’re living but you’re not alive
Truth told, you don’t want to be here
I’ve seen those eyes before
Staring in my mirror

You started off well
Until hard times settled in
Now they’re building a wall around you
You want to reach out
Nobody gets in

I know there’s a place for you
I know there’s a place for the true

Everyone seems to understand
Why you’re feeling low down
Will the preachers turn their words
Back on themselves

Can anyone ever know
What you’re feeling inside
Can anyone ever know
How it feels to fail
At what keeps you alive

Hearts that have been broken
Repair, keep wide open
You’re closer than you think
You just can’t see
So keep on living the life
That sets you free
You will be their soon

I’ve been to a place
Where palm tress hover and cry
If you listen hard enough
The tears are fears in lost angels’ eyes
Track Name: Sweeper Man
Twisted and torn
Your hearts on the floor
Am I the sweeper man
Catching your fall
Grieving is never easy
You’re always alone
Unless someone can lighten you load

I hold you like I hold forever
There is strength in knowing
That there will be no more falling apart
Was I wrong lonely buying
What the loneliness sold to me

Lay with me
Lie not to me
Am I wrong
I’m the sweeper man
Catching your fall
You can cry with me
Try to tell me how you feel
I will listen, love
But I won’t let you down

You wanted a bridge
To guide you across
Anything to take pain away
But if pain is inside you
Pain will come find you
And when it does dear
Where will you run

This could be forever and a day
If we get past the past
Who plays havoc
Inside or worlds today

Will we run from the shadows eve
Well these tears are yours and mine to climb
Over the walls we built
We can find love in our hearts
Inside these open arms open wide
And the clouds will come
The rain will drop
It’s never a question of whether or not
It will and when it does
Where will we run
When the rain falls where will we run
Track Name: Making My Way Home
I’ve been walking
Time’s behind me
Tapping on my back
Why don’t you take another view
I have past

Confusing twists and turns
I’ll learn to let you go
Trust the open door
‘Cause what’s in stores’
More than me

I’ll be swinging like a wrecking ball
Into the wall
That doubted every move I’ve made
I’ll be fired like a cannon ball
Over the wall
That’s followed me through my life

Live unsurrounded
Not lost, grounded
I’m on the long way
Making my way home

In the anger
My joy minor
I can’t see a thing
Beauty below, above, behind
In front of me

Where I’ve come from
Hell’s I’ve welcomed
I thought I would know by now
But there’s a little more
Just a little more work to do

When I was in trouble so deep
I never new I could climb
My way back to find my mind
Calm from love’s lost open door

Untangled, free from every trap
Laid by myself
Caught not in before
‘Cause the open door
Is in front of me
Track Name: A Humble Between
If I had a son
Would he be overcome from the challenge
The pendulum swings
I would explain the sun and the rain
Harmony, a humble between

Son understand
Not a woman or a man
Has made it out of this place alive
Some have been blessed
Some have much to confess
Some are dead before they’ve died

Gentle heart you’re lovely
A white rose lit up by the moonlight
Gentle heart you’ve got your whole life
You’re going to be alright

You may make more mistakes
Before you’re lying under the ground
A whole lot of people have it a whole lot worse
Remember, there will be days when you’re down

Son, it never easy
When you feel you ship is sinking
If you’re losing grip
Rock with the tides
You may lose more than you bargained for
But you’ll never win if you never try

And son, there may come a day
When everything’s wrong
And you just don’t belong
Remember these words I’m saying to you
Sometimes we fall so hard
Before we ever break through

When you find a friend
Love them up until the end
They save you when you’re in lost and found
When you can’t bear the stare of familiar eyes
You’re never a failure in mine

When there’s nothing left to lose
Nothing left to choose
Go ahead, pull the chute
Learn how to fly
You may be the story of a thousand defeats
Before the summit is climbed
Track Name: Alchemy
You don’t look at me
How you looked at me
There’s something in your eyes
I need to know

All that we had
In a treasure map
Has been buried
In an island of before

And all of our thoughts have turned
On everything outside of ourselves
There’s nothing to lean on anymore

Will you and me with alchemy
Bring back a love rusted to die
Maybe I’m wrong
But baby, this doesn’t feel right

Are you trying to tell me
More than you’ve shown me
Well, this fire has been out
Longer than you know

Why are we so afraid
To let go of what can’t be controlled
Oh, we’ve got to be strong
Make all these feelings belong
Fire keeper, can you fan the flame

Another seven am
Another new day begins
Will those feelings from the past
Find us here
Track Name: The Low Side of Down
You can be only you
Who your are
What you believe
This is how you were made

Can you deny
A truth that would die
To stay alive
You’re still learning to fly

But you’re living
On the low side of down
And you want to get back
To where you belong

And if it takes to your life
There’s no need to step down from the call
You’ll survive every fall
You can only be yourself
To be any good at all

So hard to find
A friend of your kind
Mine have been so lovely to me

And I won’t forget
In all that I’ve met
How the heart turns to gold on the sleeve

Have you heard
The one about the one
Down and out
Nothing going his way

Until he heard
It’s what you give
With all you have
Magic can happen
As long as you imagine it to
Track Name: 7 Going On 24
I am a seven year old man
Giving all that I can
Providing for family
Parents left this land

My brothers and sisters
I promise to feed
A roof overhead
More than a clay floor for a bed
I will care for their needs

And I will make it through the day
Even if it’s for one more
I will make you proud of me
And our family
I am seven going on twenty-four

This merciless disease
Continues to break families
But our will is strong
No elements shake dignity

But as I speak to you openly
I’m tired and scared
I need some sign to show
To know that you’re above over me

This land has been dry for five years
It will be dry for five more
As long as I know you’re alive
In those endless skies
No night’s too dark for my light
I will survive
Track Name: Be Brave
Silenced by the knowing
You are why you came
When you lean in to the meaning
You will see where flowers grow
Mountains move and rivers flow your way

Come rescue me
From myself
From when I am heading for someplace else
Away from what I am
Let me not feel lead
When I’m feeling damned

Lost and alone
Sometimes we feel
Sometimes we want to give in
But we know it’s not real
‘Cause we are together, yes
No, we’re not the same
Honour that, be brave
You will be on your way

Wisdom lies behind
The struggle to yourself
But when those eyes
Are crying long nights
You have got to make a change
Move on there’s not time to blame your way

Did they ever tell you
You are a chosen one
You have what finds
Inside what shines
There’s no need to look outside
What’s buried in you will provide your way
Track Name: Brick and Mortar
So you’re leaving
And I’m going
Somewhere we both know of
I won’t call
You can’t write
That’s all for this lifetime

Flower girl
You’re the someday world
We we’re never meant for forever
Flower girl
You’re the someday pearl
For whoever finds their way to your heart

After love
There is love
Again, inside this lifetime
And we know what we had
And what we felt inside

This is good-bye
Say hello to what’s waiting for you
And every moment brought us to this
Let’s let go
My love, let’s let go
Of what was never ours to own

You called today
Your words are with me
Your tone told me that
Everything would be okay
Track Name: Flower Girl
You’re not going crazy
It’s where we are now
I’ve never seen so many hands in the jar
When rules have been made
And blood has been paid
The price of life keeps beauty below

So, try a little harder
Use that brick and mortar
You’ve been building your whole life thus far
And just a little further
Don’t give up on courage
There’s a reason that reason won’t always see

Don’t get me wrong
Love and light always win
A fact that noble lives count on
I don’t know about you
I’m not a gambling man
How many heads we flip
Before tails we lose

Well, I’ve heard of an open door
It’s not so far away
A garden gate where flowers grow
Whatever weather’s made
Every seed will find her
Sunlight to guide her
Into a bloom that’s in all of you

There’s a higher law
Than the one that was made
By the powers with power in mind
It’s the one that rises
When truth has decided
Enough’s enough with deception and lies

So, you can never forget
The joy that is spread
When smiles fill over the land
Because it always starts
When we blanket the dark
That can surround this world
More than the stars
Track Name: Emptied Heart
I’ve been looking for a reason why
We’re living this way
The more I see
The less I hear
Promises made

Emptied heart
Painted black
I want to start clean
And I want to get back to where I was
Long before those ships rolled in

Are we in too deep
Far out of reach
Nowhere near where they said we would be
If only we worked that free-zone labour free

Have I been trained to believe
This is how things are
When me fathers grew in the field
Food we import

Do they have young
If they do, how can they sleep at night
And justify all the loss, the lies
The truth disguised
Behind a hand whose only helping itself
How do we build
When its living hell
Left for ourselves

The first world maybe first there
But not over here

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