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Open to the Moment

by Michael Gabriel

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There was light shining down on me Shining down on everything that I needed to see So I packed my bags And headed for the palm trees Freeways With sandy people inside Since I arrived something inside of me died Everyday I scraped by This life is for the dogs Dogs eat better than me First it took away everything that I owned Everything that I knew and used to get along Friends are of the past Heart’s in pieces And I’m out of glue I know that it breaks your heart It breaks mine too Living so far apart Night after night Day after day What the hell am I doing With my life anyway Slog like a slave At a job I hate For a chance a hope A twist of fate But I keep on rolling sevens And I’m lying behind the eight ball Slowly my mind Has been twisted through time I think to myself I’m losing myself I just got ahead But I’m stealing tokens from the house Nothing makes much sense to me Working for green With no meaning Cruel to give a man desire ‘Cause I’m running out of fuel to take me higher But I will keep on moving on Thought I had a choice But I never control Born with creative disposition Love to fight the odds 4900 to one Never had a doubt Never thought twice about Reaching the top Reserved a spot Well I just lost the ticket And the doorman’s bigger than me Looks like it’s the back door baby For me
Dear Lord 04:19
Thought I had a little more left in me Thought I could swim up river to the sea My arms are tired, needing rest Body, mind and soul lost sight of shore I’m sinking slowly soon He says, Worry not I’m here Watching your every move Riding all waves you made for yourself You will find peace soon Again Thought I had everything figured out Heavy rain can be a blessing in a drought Coming home alone There’s nobody there Waking up to myself telling me I’ll make it through one more day Dear Lord, Can you send someone for me Even if it’s for one more night All of the others have all slipped away I guess I held too tight Again
Enough 05:01
All times I’ve tried Been shot down and denied Are my scars hard to see Enough for you How is my follow through I shot down the line Don’t leave But leave them behind The feelings that make you feel Not good enough for me My love I too dance with the dark Together we’ll be The best of what we believe Un-harden Tears will soften Skin leathered from pain Angels are devils When all of their words unheard When love is unloved Your hate is my fuel Stones thrown Turn into jewels I learned on the way When roads get rough What will I pay to stay In line with my love Yes I’m moving on Living my life in song ‘Til my time has come No one can stop me how Even if they know how To hurt where I hurt
Four Seasons 03:00
Oh my love I know Summer has past Middle of winter Came when you arose Into my life My love you must leave me Before I go Into a place of which I can’t return Oh my love I know Something that feels So right is so wrong Now I must go Condition has led me to a road That will never flow Meander me back But not to my pattern Lying lonely Inside of the rain again Trampled in abandonment and shame Life is a game My love I can’t believe I let someone like you into my life These words are now through Take them with you Next spring When you fall for someone new Remember that pain Hides inside truth Love will lead the way If you keep not pain in your pattern
She lays traps on the ground Hoping you will fall through Severe sentimental thoughts Cutting through everything You thought that mattered In this lifetime But you were wrong On the edge She tell you jump With wings that have never been worn And it wears you thin If I could cast one last chance Dance inside of the flame I’d give my all No matter how far I’d fall I would risk it all for this You will do anything for her And she knows She knows you will Challenge every thought you have Break beliefs Give you directions You swore that you would never take But you were wrong Can’t shake the madness Oh this madness is shaking me Rain coming down Pouring all over what I could have Then takes it away
Stumble outside of your world Into a world that we all share What have we done to her She only seems to give we only take And you’re trying to fly into a world Where love is the only king that rules Borders are erased Peaceful the world outside How peaceful the world can be inside Like a bud in full-bloom I see you wings spread You leave from your cocoon It seems so hard to free The life living deep inside of me But I can’t keep holding on to fear anymore Just take one second now To see how the hurt can crumble down The one true thing that you wanted so long The heart that was strong turned coal into stone Leaving me so cold And I’m finding it hard Finding it hard to walk inside of the dark Lonely nights keep me from sleep From shattered dreams on empty streets From shattered dreams on endless streets


This is the second project with Rob DiGioia but the first one that really marked the direction for the decade ahead. For this EP and the following EP - I would sit in the studio with my guitar and play songs. We recorded live off the floor. We would listen to what we had a focus on the tracks that worked for us. Enjoy what was decided on!


released January 1, 2003

Michael Gabriel: Vocals & Classical Guitar
All songs written by Michael Gabriel
Mixed and Mastered by Rob Digioia
Produced by Michael Gabriel and Rob DiGioia


all rights reserved



Michael Gabriel Denver, Colorado

Michael is a troubadour who has toured and recorded extensively in North America. His vocally driven songs tell an emotional story rooted in a pop foundation. "Akin to heartfelt songsmiths Jim Croce, James Taylor... Gabriel, possesses a sage, soothing voice that instantly engages listeners." Coral Andrews - The Record. This artist's heartfelt tunes carry a timeless sound. ... more

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