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Places Along the Way

by Michael Gabriel

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Angel Wings 04:22
When I close my eyes I’ll be gone from this place I will see life from the other side Cry not tears I am with you Feel my angel wings around your soul You are not alone And you, you were the best thing in my life And I pray for you over on this side Forget not I am here Look above and see my wings Peering over you You are not alone You cannot come where my soul will be Far and away Hold my hand I am so afraid I will come love you Guide protect you Wrap my angel wings Around your soul You are not alone And you enjoy the rest of your life And I save your soul on this side Only now I can see After you lay my soul to sleep How much I loved you girl I entered the night And moved toward the light You are not alone
Time won’t leave me alone anymore And I can’t seem to swim away from your shore I have tried to right the wrong in my life Smile and bring beautiful lines upon your face I can hear whispers from your soul Like wind through the trees You move me how I love to feel Remember when you said a flame would die in distance How that fire grows when two shores can no longer live Oceans away Happiness through everything that you do And selflessness is the love I have for you Smile and bring two bays to one shore Smile and bring beautiful lines upon you face Beautiful lines upon your face Beautiful lines upon your face
Bitter Sweet 04:20
Somewhere In the night of day I reach for the sun Coming undone Lost in the blackness From the grey And you were You were the world to me girl I feel like I’m falling Where I always fall But I believe now We can bring back All that we’ve lost Alongside the way Somewhere Somewhere on this hell on earth girl I see that heaven is falling Into this rose garden Welted from tears If you could walk Could walk a mile in my shoes You’d feel my soul worn away Sadness sinks So much deeper Than I feel my soul can swim So we protect that soft side in us But love finds us And it’s dying to relieve us From misery From bitter sweet I will I’ll do the best that I can girl With what I’ve been given And what I am lacking Is my chance to begin I will I’ll make the best of this mess Mistakes I have made need forgiving
I need you to know That I am here There is no one that can take me Heart that can shake me Away from anyone And that anyone is you my love I’m just a little bit out of control I’m just a little more than you know I’ve been known to bite But ignite the best inside you and me How do you do The things that you do Staying with a man Who lost all he had And you holding onto that something That was letting go of him I’m just a little bit out of control I’m just a little more than you know I’m a handful and a half I’m a wild mustang bucking But I am free I’ve laid it all on the line Broken hearts But those hearts were mostly mine It’s getting harder to climb For this love that is breaking me But bringing me home It’s a lonely life When you’re all alone And the world won’t spare One single bone for you Keep on flowing forward According to the voice Inside of you Be not ashamed Of where you’ve been Everything you’ve did Everything you’ve seen Was all in the name of truth Experience unravelled by you I’m just a little bit out of control I’m just a little more than you know Well I’m supercharged waterfall Flowing into deep calm sees below
Most of All 05:43
Like everyone else here Living through mistakes Bliss and fear This life is not fair Tell me something I don’t You want it all And you want now Allow this world to show you how t To get what you want Make every second count But most of all Keep open your heart There is no need To live this life on your own Live not alone On your own On your own She will stand Before your eyes Been standing there For your whole life But you had to swim To distant shores To begin love Take her now By the hand Let her know That you are the man She has been waiting for Show her sand from those shores You will need help In this life Forget not to ask a Amidst the strife We all need a hand One day you will be the hand Reach for those Who feed your light Feed your soul In the darkest of nights Surround yourself With those you feel like yourself Find your truth And follow it through Become everything That lives inside of you This is your life to be lived Oh believe
I used to run wild Free with the wolves Now I’m spreading eagle feathers High from the lows Soaring into blue skies Up from below My engine been down Dipped in molasses I used to burn rubber Now I’m kicking off the ashes My transmission won’t let me below Three or four, five times a day I’m raising vibrations Flying through constellations Reflecting all thoughts Speared in my direction There’s no fire that burns Without wood to kindle the flame These new shoes feel good No gum underneath Sticking me like stucco To the thoughts I grieve This moment is the only moment I need This moment is the only moment I will forever and ever revel in I’m going to learn from the inside out I’m through with drinking poison From the adrenaline spout I’ve followed through conclusion To illusion beware I’m jumping off this self-destructive locomotive Leading me nowhere, I’m nowhere I am only lost to come around I’m going to learn from everyone before me Who wrestled with demons Tried to shake free Who went six feet below before their time It seems that artificial stimuli Is nothing more than a bore A glorified white lie


This was the second 6 song EP that I recorded with Rob Digioia. Again - this release helped solidify the direction my solo career was heading in. We recorded live off the floor with one of my all-time favorite classical guitars. These 6 songs EP's also initiated my relationship with Chapters/Indigo on a nation wide level. For many people who were introduced to my sound - there was a pretty good chance that they firest heard it in a Chapters/Indigo store - somewhere in Canada.


released January 1, 2004


all rights reserved



Michael Gabriel Denver, Colorado

Michael is a troubadour who has toured and recorded extensively in North America. His vocally driven songs tell an emotional story rooted in a pop foundation. "Akin to heartfelt songsmiths Jim Croce, James Taylor... Gabriel, possesses a sage, soothing voice that instantly engages listeners." Coral Andrews - The Record. This artist's heartfelt tunes carry a timeless sound. ... more

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